Portugal - Ria de Aveiro

Map Card of Ria de Aveiro:

The Ria de Aveiro extends from the inside, alongside the sea, a distance of 47 km and a maximum width of 11 km in the East-West, since even Mira Ovar

The Ria is the result of the retreat of the sea, with the formation of strands coasts, from the century. XVI, formed a lagoon which is one of the most important and beautiful accidents hydrographic Portuguese coast.

It covers 11 000 hectares, of which 6 000 are permanently flooded, breaks down into four major canals branching into surrounding creeks countless islands and islets.

It flow into the Vouga, the Antuã and Boco, with the only communication with the sea a channel that cuts through the dune belt between Barra and S. Jacinto, allowing access to the Port of Aveiro, for deep-draft vessels.

Rich in fish and waterfowl, has large expanses of water places for the practice of all sports.

Although I have been losing, year after year, the importance it has had on the economy Aveiro, salt production, using ancient techniques, is still one of the traditional activities more characteristic of Aveiro, there are currently tens of salt in operation.

Particularly in the north of the Ria, boats Moliceiro, unique craft and perfect lines, color-bearing and naive decorative panels continue to take the seaweed fertilizer of choice, well within the most demanding and current ecological parameters, which became infertile soils of sand Uberro farmland.
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