Cecilia - Henrique Pousão

Henrique César de Araújo Pousão (Vila Viçosa, 1 January 1859 - Vila Viçosa, 20 March 1884) was a Portuguese painter.
Pousão belonged to the naturalist generation, like António Silva Porto and João Marques de Oliveira, though his work was not so closely related as theirs to impressionism. In Paris he appears to have been influenced by Manet, especially in his use of black in equal proportion to other colours. Some critics have seen in his landscape works, rendered in a looser, expressive style, a prelude to modern art and abstraction. This approach appears in the abstract plains of colour and textures of his 1882 paintings Miragem and Fachada de Porta Soterrada. Some of his best works were painted on small wood panels no bigger than 100mm x 160mm in a poetic, luminous style.

The best collection of his work is at the National Museum Soares dos Reis, in Porto
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